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Stephanie Otto

Stephanie Otto

Sport Scientist, Exercise Physiologist, PhD (Human biology), University Hospital Ulm, Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCCU)
Dr. Stephanie Otto is a sports scientist and exercise physiologist. She obtained her diploma in 1992 at the German Sports University Cologne and conducted the second study in Exercise Oncology in Germany. After leading an exercise oncology group at a rehabilitation clinic (1990-2009) she started as the head of exercise oncology, at the Cancer Center North at University Medical Center Schleswig - Holstein (UKSH). From 2015 she was the leading sports scientist at the sports medicine unit at Ulm University Hospital where she finished her PhD in Human Biology. Currently, as a postdoc she is the head of the exercise oncology service at the Comprehensive Cancer Center Ulm (CCCU) at Ulm University Hospital (since 2019). Since more than 20 years she trains sports scientists in the field of exercise oncology at both, national and international level, and furthermore she has organized several charity events (“Rowing against Cancer”) at different locations in Germany. Dr. Otto has been researching the positive effects of sport and exercise in the context of cancer for more than 30 years and in prehabilitation since more than 10 years. She has published numerous nationally and internationally renowned scientific papers in this context.



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