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Nikita Symes

Nikita Symes

Head of Operations, Carebit
Nikita Symes is currently the Head of Operations at Carebit. Originally from South Africa, Nikita's international background has enriched her perspective. She values critical listening and the pursuit of the "why," which drives her to build mutually beneficial relationships and achieve innovative victories. Nikita thrives in the dynamic environment of startups, maintaining flexibility while staying aligned with the core mission and infusing her work with captivating energy. Throughout her professional journey, Nikita has managed a 52-person-strong team for a leading insurance company and implemented new products to increase the revenue of a MedTech startup by 250% in six months. She has embraced valuable lessons, recognising the importance of active listening, adaptability, cross-functional team collaboration, transparency, and trust in achieving a grander vision. At Carebit, Nikita has played a vital role in its growth, which has tripled its customer base in 2022, and the aim for 2023 is to double it again. By doing so, Carebit will be well-positioned to expand rapidly and have a more significant impact. Nikita has been instrumental in streamlining internal processes, implementing a robust systems infrastructure, and improving compliance at Carebit. This has ensured the organisation has the necessary technological foundation to scale seamlessly, offer an enhanced customer experience, and foster innovation in private healthcare services. As part of the leadership team of 12 professionals, Nikita believes in nurturing talent and fostering a collaborative environment that has helped build a solid and dedicated Carebit team.

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