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Dr Andrew Frankel

Dr Andrew Frankel

Consultant Nephrologist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Dr Andrew Frankel has been working as a consultant nephrologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust since 1995. He has experience in managing all aspects of kidney disease but has a particular interest in relation to the management of diabetes in the context of kidney disease. Over the years he has maintained a significant research interest in relation to diabetes and kidney, both in terms of how diabetes affects the kidneys leading to deterioration in kidney function, but also in relation to how the presence of kidney disease influences the management of diabetes. Because of this experience, Dr Frankel has played a significant role in the development of national guidelines on the management of diabetes in the context of kidney disease. In addition, he was the joint editor of the UK Kidney Association guidelines on the use of SGLT2I in adults with chronic kidney disease He is a regular speaker both locally and nationally and indeed internationally in relation to matters pertaining to diabetes and the kidney.

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