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21 Sep 2021

AirLife™ Open Oxygen Mask

Vyaire Medical, a global company focused exclusively on supporting breathing through every stage of life, recently announced the availability of the AirLife™ Open oxygen mask. The mask is a revolutionary new low-flow oxygen therapy device designed to advance the standard of care and improve the satisfaction of patients receiving low-flow oxygen therapy. The AirLife™ Open oxygen mask combines the best elements of traditional nasal cannula, oxygen mask and non-rebreather benefits in a single device that is revolutionary for low-flow oxygen therapy. This is achieved through the patented design and unique geometry of the mask openings that maintain higher oxygen concentrations without obtrusive structures.

The mask’s design distributes oxygen flow through unique jet orifices, creating a soft curtain of oxygen around the nose and mouth, reducing the risk of rebreathing carbon dioxide resulting in a more comfortable patient experience.  The AirLife™ Open mask is designed to allow patients to drink, eat and easily communicate without removing the mask, while delivering uninterrupted oxygen therapy.

For clinicians, AirLife™ Open provides the ability to adjust oxygen delivery from 1—15 LPM without disturbing the patient. What’s more, the unique design of AirLife™ Open allows access for certain procedures and the easy transfer of patients between areas of care. AirLife™ Open reduces the need to change out interfaces, improving workflow, reducing waste and cost while effectively delivering continuous oxygen therapy without compromising safety or quality. 

Headquartered in suburban Chicago, Vyaire is recognized, trusted and preferred by specialists throughout the respiratory community worldwide. Contact your local Vyaire representative to learn more.

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