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Hands-On Training G: Day Two

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Day 2 (Wednesday 15th November)

Siemens Healthineers


High Sensitivity Troponin at the Point of Care


10:00 - 10:45 


Chest pain remains one of the most common reasons for ED attendances, yet only 10% of patients are actually experiencing an MI

The Atellica VTLi patient side immunoassay analyser gives lab comparable high sensitivity Troponin I results in 8 minutes reducing the time taken to discharge very low risk patients and quickly getting treatment to those who need it.

1. An overview of the Atellica VTLi

2. Advantages of using point of care high sensitivity troponin to reduce overcrowding and length of stay for your patients

3. Atellica VTLi calculator – A feature which can take your emergency department attendance figures and calculate potential hour and cost savings if you used the VTLi for troponin testing

4. A look at some of the relevant scientific papers and clinical trials for the Atellica VTLi

5. A practical hands on session of using the analyser


Nicola Reddish

Product Manager - Point of Care



Arrhythmia detection in Syncope patients: LINQ™ insertable cardiac monitors. Which patient, how, and why?


11:00 - 11:45 


Rachel McKernon - Market Development Specialist Diagnostics CVG

Ballater Medical


A hands-on Introduction to POCUS for the general physician


Point-of-care ultrasound has been shown to be a valuable additional tool in the assessment of patients, with the potential to reduce delays to patient care, improve the success rate of tricky interventional procedures and improve confidence in treatment/referral decisions.

In this hands-on session you will have the opportunity to scan both phantoms and live volunteers using the latest handheld and laptop ultrasound technology. Our ultrasound clinical specialist, Claire, will guide you on how to use the equipment including discussion around equipment choice, image optimisation and correct imaging technique.

This session is open to all levels:
You may be new to ultrasound and want to ‘have a go’ in a risk-free environment.
You may already be using ultrasound in your daily practice but find you can sometimes struggle to achieve an optimal image or are unsure of how to fully optimise your equipment.
You may be proficient in ultrasound imaging but wish to see what the latest technology has on offer, or want to discuss how we can help you with your educational requirements for yourself or your team.

This session aims to help you become a little more confident in the use of ultrasound equipment and interpretation of the ultrasound image. There will be the opportunity to discuss how Ballater Medical Ltd can create bespoke ultrasound training sessions or provide you or your practice with the equipment you need to set up a successful ultrasound service.

LO1: Create an understanding of the different probe types/frequencies and how they impact what you can scan
LO2: Understand and demonstrate some of the basic imaging techniques such as image and probe orientation.
LO3: Understand and practice using the equipment to optimise your image
LO4: Identify some basic anatomy/landmarks on ultrasound


12:00 - 12:45 


Claire Ramsay, Senior Specialist Clinical Sonographer

Ballater Medical Ltd


Hands-On Training Sessions are only available for registered delegates. You can book you pass by clicking here.

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