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Antibiotic Stewardship - Beware of the Infection Mimics

14 Nov 2023
Theatre A: AGM Clinical

Infection mimics are common causes of mis-diagnosis . Evidence suggest that a third or more of patients initially diagnosed as infection or sepsis turn out to have non-infectious aetiology . Many autoimmune and inflammatory diseases can mimics like infection or sepsis. It is not easy to distinguish between infection and its mimics because of significant overlap in the clinical ,haemodynamic as well as laboratory parameters .
As a part of Antibiotic Stewardship interventions, it is important to consider non-infectious conditions to avoid delayed diagnosis and unnecessary prolonged courses of antibiotics to prevent significant harms .

Shrikant Ambalkar, Honorary Associate Professor , University of Nottingham & Consultant Microbiologist - Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Trust

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