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Breathlessness of unknown aetiology

14 Nov 2023
Hands On Training F: Fujifilm

This session will cover the basic assessment of a patient with breathlessness of unknown aetiology using point of care ultrasound.  The focus will be on providing a framework to enable the clinician to identify or rule out significant pathology to guide immediate or further management.  The speaker will use case based scenarios to guide delegates through the use of focused echo and lung US to identify sonographic features of possible differential diagnoses.  This will be done using a simple and easy to remember scanning routine, building knowledge with each repetition.  The emphasis will be on using 2D b-mode imaging, but with the opportunity to use colour flow doppler, continuous wave doppler and M-mode, depending on the knowledge and experience of the learners.

By the end of the session delegates should feel confident in describing the use of focused point of care ultrasound to:

  1. Make a basic assessment of left and right ventricular size and function
  2. Recognise signs of LV and RV failure
  3. Identify a pericardial or pleural effusion
Vanessa Fludder, Consultant in Anaesthetics and Peri-operative Medicine, Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer - Royal Sussex County Hospital

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