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ACC Programme 2022

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ACC Theatre B
  1. ACC Theatre B
  2. ACC Theatre B
    An overview of the particular issues and risks faced by anaesthetists managing morbidly obese patients. Including how recognise the high risk patient, preoperative assessment, reducing risks in anaest ...
  3. ACC Theatre B
  4. ACC Theatre B
    Belford Hospital in the Scottish Highlands is a small, 43-bedded rural general hospital. There is no ICU, but a 2-bedded HDU. The anaesthetic department consists of 4 consultants, there are no anaesth ...
  5. ACC Theatre B
  6. ACC Theatre B
  7. ACC Theatre B
  8. ACC Theatre B
ACC Theatre A
  1. ACC Theatre A
    In this session the independent predictors of adverse postoperative outcome wil be reviewed and the needs of todays surgical opulation discussed (including issues such as frailty). We will review the ...
  2. ACC Theatre A
    Dr Sandy Jack, Professor of Prehabilitation Medicine, University of Southampton and Honorary Consultant Clinician Scientist, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust Physical fitness, heal ...
  3. ACC Theatre A
    Sleep in the critical care environment is extremely challenging due to the confluence of pain, anxiety, immobility and environmental disturbances such as light and noise.In this talk I will examine th ...
  4. ACC Theatre A
  5. ACC Theatre A
    The fundamental goal of Individualized Exercise Oncology Prehabilitation is to improve and optimize the care for tumor patients in order to positively influence quality of life in a sustainable manner ...
  6. ACC Theatre A
ACC Theatre B
  1. ACC Theatre B
  2. ACC Theatre B
  3. ACC Theatre B
  4. ACC Theatre B
  5. ACC Theatre B
AGM Theatre 4
  1. AGM Theatre 4
    Design for safety is the most important element in the hierarchy of interventional effectiveness used by high reliability industries and increasingly by healthcare. Systems and equipment design in hea ...
  2. AGM Theatre 4
  3. AGM Theatre 4
  4. AGM Theatre 4
    Patients with persistent critical illness make up only 16% of all critically ill patients, but consume 50% of resources, and have poor patient centered outcomes. This talk will focus on the underlying ...
  5. AGM Theatre 4
  6. AGM Theatre 4
    The population of the developed world is rapidly aging. While numerical age is increasingly less important, physiological or functional age is a determinant of quality of life especially after an acut ...
AGM Theatre 5
  1. AGM Theatre 5
    This talk will cover the definition and epidemiology of Polypharmacy, explore why Polypharmacy is important, delve into pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, cover why patients end up with excessive ...



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